We specialize in both custom celtic designs and hand cast & finished bead set diamond rings. These are the items we deliver every day to customers all over the world. Please click on the thumbnail to see a large four way shot and description of the item. If you would like to inquire about making a custom ring for yourself we prefer you use the on-line Order form or the Email Form to contact us please. This way everything is in print and there is no confusion about what was asked for or how it looked. However, we are always delighted to speak with you! Our toll free number is 1-800-224-8086.
Information requested in order to give you an accurate bid: The url to, or an attachment of, the ring you're inquiring about. The finger size of the wearer, the requested width (band width or shank width) the metal you're interested in (Platinum, 18kt white or yellow, 14kt white or yellow, sterling silver) and where applicable center stone size/carat weight and semi mount carat total weight. The more information you can provide to us about what you want, the more accurate our quote will be on your project!

marias-starwax.sm.jpg" mariaB-snakedone.jpg" Maria has come up with some very interesting and creative projects. First, she had the idea of making a snake ring, using a black pearl that she had, and she wanted it made in 24Kt gold. Starting with the wax, she was already getting excited! A few days later we have the raw casting. And finally the finished piece sprinkled with diamonds and beautifully finished. How cool is that?! Her next project was to make a star pendant, again in 24Kt gold so it would match her ring. We are currently working on yet another very cool project you'll be seeing soon! Stay in touch!

charonne-c.waxsm.jpg" charonne-c.waxsm.jpg" Charonne wanted to upgrade the ring she had her 1.26ct F VS1 emerald cut diamond in. So to spice it up a little, we got a pair of step cut traps to match. Here's the wax, soon to be another super fine platinum heirloom. We're almost there Charonne! : ) Okay, here's the finished piece, you'll have it in hand tomorrow so you won't have to be stuck in front of the computer drooling on yourself : )

zeller1stsm.jpg" zeller1stsm.jpg" zeller1stsm.jpg" zeller1stsm.jpg" Here's a project we took on several months ago. Mrs. Zeller got a wedding band 10 years ago that truely belonged in the hall of "shame"! Take a look at the inside of the ring, the azzures(cutouts) are irregular in shape and sharp edged so she couldn't even wear it comfortably. Not only that, the jeweler who made it lacked the ability to make it to her size using all the same size diamonds, one was significantly larger than the rest to fill up space... Stupid!!! Well, her husband said it was time to get it fixed, so first, we replaced the bigger stone with 2 other diamonds to match the rest in the ring and have a new wax carved. Then showing the piece after casting, before engraving, and then the final touch of engraving. Nice! : )

koenig-done.jpg" Mr. K has a killer diamond and engagement ring made! Starting with a gorgeous 1.20ct G VS1 Trillion, we make a wax floating the trillion above a row of princess cut diamonds. Once approved, we move to casting in platinum, and here's the clean crisp final result! Enjoy Mr. K, I know your gal will : )

louannbead.jpg" Louann "Redo" Louann's gorgeous bead set bezel around a cushion cut diamond ring is down lower on the page, it started out pretty standard, millgrain edge, but she just wasn't quite loving it, so we redid the edge with beads, took off that "tray" and gave it a whole new look. Both ways are stunning, because the center is delightful!!! You can check out the original version when you get to it :)

harildone.jpg" Haril Haril went with a beautiful five stone graduated princess cut ring, with heart undergallery and engraving. By selecting the "right" ratio from center to sides, it just makes that center stone pop! Nice choice Haril :)

rainsdone.jpg" Sonny! Mr. Rains, a sweet southern gentleman who came to us wanting this beautiful ring with a hand engraved rain pattern. Cast in 14 karat rose gold, the band has three hidden stones flush set on the inside. The fancy crown head holds a nice G color 0.50 ct round brilliant diamond, and Jerome did a fantastic job incoporating the rain pattern with a nice laurel pattern on the side shank! Sonny & his wife just had their first child, a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations to you both!
losterdone.jpg" Loster Chad found himself a phat emerald cut diamond, nice, spready, sparkly and chose one of my favorite mounts to show it off! Cast in Palladium, this split shank solitaire engraved or plain is such a nice alternative from the standard four prong solitaire!

meamberers.jpg" Meamber I do apologize, but I've forgotten now the event these were for, but Mrs. Meamber surely did get a stunning pair of princess cut diamond stud earrings! 1.47 carat total weight D/E color with Si1 clarity, GIA certed with the nicest cut available for a rprincess cut diamond. Set in yellow with awesome floral friction backs (much more comfortable than screwback) with nice rounded posts. Such a timeless gift, she will enjoy these for years to come!
micheleengraved.jpg" Michele Michele has always wanted a heavy, hand engraved bezel set wedding band and her dream has come true. Heavy, detailed swirls, with details added to make it very personal to her. Gorgeous, ideal cut E VS diamonds pop against the heavily millgrained bezles. Another fabulous project from our wonderful Jerome's hand!

davidmont.jpg" David Montgomery Well, David is the son of a good friend of mine, who at the young age of 21 is getting engaged to a beautiful girl he met at college. She wanted a princess cut and platinum and that's what she got! Crisp and Clean round brilliant and straight baguette diamonds are channel set in this simple platinum solitaire, and the 0.80 ct princess cut center, I color, SI clarity should make any 21 year old very happy indeed!

dougdone.jpg" Doug: (E4sheezy) Wanted a gorgeous pave bezel ring for his lovely lady, and that's what he got with a GIA certed ideal cut center stone...notice the lovely pave in the undergallery, and the bezel set diamond, set in, as to not interrupt the wedding band! I love it! You picked a fabulous ring!

bellopal.jpg" Bell What does a longtime Tradeshop customer do when the aquire an extremely large opal? Why, the send it to us to make a custom wax! And indeed we did, with a 0.18 ct. round brilliant accent diamond and split bale. You can't capture the true beauty of the stone with the camera, but this was quite a beautiful stone full of greens and blues!

katwdone.jpg" Kat W. Kat W. from Australia had a vision of a vine ring with yellow gold and white gold vines that didn't look cheap, or out of place, she loved our stock vine pattern so we set out to get er done for her! Needless to say, she loved it, and I thought it turned out fantastic! I'm sure once that center was in there, it was simply stunning! Thanks Kat, for another really cool project!

yellowcudjb.jpg" Gorgeous! This fabulous ring we purchased in our buying office, and before it was (sadly) torn apart I had to take a photo, I thought the bead setting was prisine, the diamond was GIA certified Fancy Yellow, it was just so beautiful that I had to put it up. Whoever did make it did a fabulous job, and it was heartbreaking I'm sure to the lovely lady who had to part with it. It made me cringe to know it would soon be a little baggy of diamonds and a button from the melting pot, but wasn't it fantastic!

mattdone.jpg" Matt: Matt, talk about a hoot! He came in with a diamond sent from his girlfriends mother, and chose a C bezel combo three stone ring. One of our few local customers, easy going, and full of smiles. It was a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful engagement, what a beautiful couple, and such a match!

romanset.jpg" Roman: Roman wanted only the finest for his lovely girlfriend, an 0.80 carat Round Brilliant Diamond, Ideal Cut, D color and IF clarity. He choose a Tulip head in platinum, atop a tapered baguette diamond base. A lovely ring for a lovely couple!

jessicacduodone.jpg" Jessica: Jessica came to us with custom artwork, CAD Cam ready for her wedding rings, cast in 14 karat yellow gold with a lovely raised pattern. This is a one of a kind set that we will not duplicate.

lorib.jpg" Lori: Lori B turned her wedding rings into something fabulous just for her right hand, and as a totally personal touch, a cursive "L" & "J" for Lori Janelle. Who says we can't have it our way?
chadone.jpg" Chad: Chad's girlfriend wanted a contemporary Claddah with a ruby center, but the off the shelf type weren't quite what she was after, so we made a wax, a few adjustments for her, and came up with the "perfect" ring. Sweet!

heartsdone.jpg" Custom: This is a beautiful heart pattern created by the customer, this is a one of a kind duo that we will not duplicate. Cast in 14 karat white gold, and heavily antiqued. One of the most caring and wonderful love stories I've ever heard, from two of the most wonderful, giving people I've ever gotten the chance to meet. Thank you very much!

mealingdone.jpg" Mealing: Here we have a gorgeous GIA certified 1.53 carat center graded I color Si1 clarity set in a platinum semi mount. A semi mount means that the center head is added to the base of the ring, so any size/shape of diamond will fit. This particular mount makes that center stone look honkin huge, and the bar set rounds in the shank are a very nice accent. Whoever tells you that an I color GIA is "yellow" in Platinum is giving you a speil! :)

jensring.jpg" Jen: Well, Miss Jennifer was just a little spit fire that I had such a fun time working with! She was very particular about what she wanted, and I was so thrilled to be able to find it quickly and easily in this lovely C bezel style three stone ring. She looked and looked for the deep red ruby sides, and found the perfect pair! Yay Jen! Congratulations!

cordovawedset.jpg" Cordova: Further down our client preview pages, you will find the custom made Cordova ring in unengraved state, and the stand alone peice. Here, he's back having created the matching band featuring perfectly matched natural green emeralds, pristine wire work in the undergallery, and always gorgeous hand engraving by Jerome! True to the flavor of a "tradeshop" ring. We love it!

briggsdone.jpg" Briggs: We had a screaming deal on a gorgeous hand made princess cut solitaire with european shank and four prong head with a lovely pave bezel, so we found him a lovely princess cut center stone, set it, sized it, and Mr. Briggs was on his way to a lovely engagement! Congratulations!

youngmar.jpg" Young Mr. Young is back for a lovely anniversary present for his lucky wife! This time he surprises her with a 3.00+ carat marquise brilliant diamond in a custom ring featuring heart shaped prongs and euro shank to match the fantastic six carat oval she received last year! Very, Very nice!

morepave.jpg" Common Prong: Here is a custom combination of bead setting and common prong setting. A bead set bezel surrounds a well cut round brilliant diamond set in four prongs, with a large accent stone at top of the shank to create a look all its own. The remainder of the shank is set in common prong style in a very unique and stand up design.

pave.jpg" Bead Set: A gorgeous round brilliant diamond set with a square shaped bead set bezel, and bead set diamonds down the hefty shank. Wax carved, hand cast and finished. Please note the thickness of the shank..while its not over powering or large, this is a prime example of fine custom jewelry, versus off the shelf product, where the norm is light weight, thinned out shanks, to save on weight. The only clearance in the shank is cleaning holes to get that grime out from underneath the stones.
martin.jpg" Martin A custom design, made from CAD Wax rather than hand carved, we have a lovely tulip element on the shank, with a beautiful three stone emerald cut diamond lay out in a trellis style head. Cast in 18 karat white gold.

naizby.jpg" John has a crown of a ring! Gorgeous wax carved solitaire featuring six prongs with fine marquise shaped leaves between each prong. Made a for 3.82 carat round brilliant diamond, this solitaire was hand cast in platinum and finished with a fine swirl pattern, hand engraved by Jerome

coleman.jpg" colemaneng.jpg" Coleman: Bezel set round diamond with channel set purpley-blue princess cut Chatham Sapphires with an outer row of pave. First, the ring high polish, which was beautiful, but then we added hand engraving by Jerome, and now its absolutely fabulous!

hilton.jpg" Hilton: Using diamonds from her Mother's rings, we did a custom wax carving per her design, creating a three stone ring that at first glance looks like princess cut diamonds, but looking closer you can see there are three nice round brilliant cut diamonds sitting pretty in white gold.

cookedone.jpg" Cooke: What a ring! She started with a custom three stone trellis ring with a nice square shank and channel set rounds going down the sides, and added not one, but two totally flush fit matching channel bands.

Louann with a gorgeous 2ct + cushion cut diamond, with bead set 0.06 ct diamonds bling! bling! We love it! louann.jpg" dakakdone.jpg" barrydone.jpg" aarondone.jpg" andydone.jpg" For Andy, a mount he picked all himself, Asscher Cut Diamonds channeled in 18kt white gold with an E color square radiant center stone, accented with a beautiful X gallery of micropave. For Aaron, a gorgeous Asscher diamond upon a Flat wedding band, to be accented by a channel set eternity band either side. Barry suprised his wife with an approximate 7 carat princess cut eternity band in Platinum using Extrememly nice D/F VVS stones. Dakak went with a bezel set stunner with rows of mellee. Bling on!
zanderdone.jpg" frankdone.jpg" 3stonedone.jpg" A 3 stone Christmas present, a stunning pair of 1.08 carat total weight Triangle Stud earrings, and a project that was long going, but oh so worth the wait. I'm truely impressed with the Zander Celtic Ring. Designed by the customer, hand produced by Master Jewelers. Very Nice!
patriciadone.jpg" kassondone.jpg" browngorgeous.jpg" bostockdone.jpg" Patricia's finished Laurel Carved Three stone ring & Matching wedding bands finished out beautifully! Kasson created a striking family pendant/brooch. Ms. Brown, back for another gorgeous handmade creation featuring yellow pave set diamonds with white accents for her 2.50 carat fancy yellow cushion cut diamond. Bostock went with a crisp Asscher cut Center stone set in micro pave.
patriciawaxdone.jpg" carterwaxdone.jpg" ramirezwax.jpg" petrodone.jpg" Petro made a wedding band in sterling silver with nice rails and antiquing, and then we have three wax previews: Ramirez creating a three stone version of their current wedding ring. Carter has a beautiful princess cut center with channel set sides. Patricia's in the end will be a fabulous two tone hand engraved masterpiece!
humphrey.jpg" derekdone.jpg" jeremeys.jpg" jasonmaxwell.jpg" Jason pointed to a semi mount with a peg head for a three stone ring, I led him down the path of a better made custom peice (for the same price range mind you) and that's what he received. Fabulous princess cut Three stone ring with GIA certed J Si1 center, princess accent stones and micro pave with gorgeous hand engraving! Jeremey debated and debated and made a final decision on a platinum ribbon solitaire with diamond accents with a stunning Excellent cut GIA F SI1 center stone. Good Pick Jeremey!! Derek found the perfect solitaire in micro pave and topped it off with an excellent cut GIA round brilliant just under a 1 ct. The Humphrey's decided to do their own take on a pair of custom celtic bands. Very cool!
mcdonaldwide.jpg" hernandez.jpg" karinsband.jpg" lisabanddone.jpg" Lisa & Amir back so soon :) A couple truely in love, we used a prefabricated platinum princess cut band and Jerome did what he does best, gorgeous hand engraving to compliment the hand engraved split shank solitaire. Karin selected a form fit wedding band with the same hand engraving and diamond pattern as her stunning 3 stone engagement ring. Note the little hand engraved heart, a special touch from her fiancee! Hernandez went with a solid celtic design with a dark antique, and Mr McDonald made a very nicely done family crest ring in 14 karat yellow gold with white gold rails.
dansmicro.jpg" caridone.jpg" bederkadone.jpg" amirandlisadone.jpg" Amir & Lisa selected a beautiful split shank solitaire to highlight their 1.70 ct D color Radiant cut diamond and finished it off with Jerome's gorgeous hand engraving. Cari's dream came to life with a estate platinum ring with fishtail head for her antique cushion center stone. James made a stunning three stone ring with princess cut center and triangle sides as a gift to his wife, cast in two tone 14 karat gold, and Dan selected a split shank micro pave ring with built in crown to show off his ideal cut 1.05 ct round brilliant.
mahoneyrg.jpg" mahoneygarwax.jpg" Ms Mahoney back for another stunner. A gorgeous deep red Rose cut garnet, in wide scroll work shank. Check out the finished product cast in Rose Gold with diamond accents.
dianeck.jpg" WHITWAX.jpg" youngdone.jpg" cordovad.jpg" macdonalddone.jpg" cordova.jpg"
Diamond bezel necklace in 18kt white gold. Very Pretty. A preview of the cordova ring before engraving. Gorgeous ideal cut center stone with extremely fine emerald side stones, cast in platinum with 18kt heart and scroll undergallery. Absolutely gorgeous, and after engraving, a masterpiece! For MacDonald a solid high polish dombed gent's band with a 1.03 carat Asscher Cut Diamond center. Young created a wide band solitaire with heart prongs for their gorgeous 6.03 ct Oval Diamond, and Cordova a hand engraved platinum three stone ring with emerald side stones.
mcdonaldrounder.jpg" taylorwax.jpg" debdone.jpg" sullivandone.jpg" young-wax.jpg" McDonald with a wax revise, Mr Taylor making a custom channel band for his lady's three stone princess cut ring with hand engraving, Deborah's Trellis ring with Pear shape sapphire sides, and a nice matte finish yellow gold celtc with white rails for Sullivan. Six carat oval for young

vishriabanddone.jpg" visher.jpg" bhansali.jpg" cordovawax.jpg" waxrevise.jpg" kingbands.jpg" cookeband.jpg" A channel set wax for cook to fit a gorgeous oval three stone ring. The completed King bands, custom made to show off the elements of their lives. A wax revision for Mr. McDonald rounded edges, thicker shank. A three stone ring wax for cordova, what a stunner that will be when finished. Bhansali created a smashing 2.25+ ct anniversary band for his wife, gorgeous D VS dimonds, and the soon to be Mrs Vishria is getting a gorgeous pair of D color square radiant diamond earrings, and a totally hand made princess cut diamond eternity band!
lamini.jpg" Liquid Assets. My brothers flossed out low rider cadillac fleetwood convertible. Liquid Assets. Anything easily convered into cash. Liquid Assets. In 14kt white gold and diamonds.
fonseca.jpg" vitasceltic.jpg" king-rings1.jpg" loridone.jpg" Lori selected an excellent cut Emerald Diamond Center with pear side stones, in a custom 3 stone ring of 18kt white gold. The Kings came up with their own artwork for matching wedding bands with elements from their favorite hobbies. Very lovely. Celtic Duo with black antquing. Fonseca had a bright idea, taking the anniversary year and putting it in roman numerals on a platinum band. Nice!
wells.jpg" vishria.jpg" brownheartwax.jpg" 5ct.jpg" Check out this 5.30 ct round diamond EGL certed J SI1 set in a custom 14kt yellow gold mount with channel set graduated baguette diamonds and pave set round rails. Very nice! Ms Brown is working on several fabulous projects, up first her wax for matching ruby hearts with a star sapphire center. Vishria choose a gorgeous radiant cut diamond flanked by trillion cut diamond side stones. White & Bright! Mr Wells had a mishap with his wedding ring so we made him a new one, and here it is :)
murphydone.jpg" rapsaph.jpg" bellbands.jpg" mitesh.jpg" bunting.jpg" Mr Bunting choose an AGS000 round diamond in a channel set cathedral wedding set from Ingwer. Mitesh an AGS000 .60 ct E color, VS1 clarity in a Roseco Cathedral Solitaire. Mr. Bell gave stackables in Chatham created pink sapphire and natural black diamonds. Mark purchased a gorgeous non heat treated sapphire from Simply Sapphires and then sent it to us where we selected custom cut crescent moon diamonds and created a custom 18kt three stone ring. Murphy created a custom platinum setting with a micro pave bezel. Nice picks everybody :)
diane.jpg" brian.jpg" karldone.jpg" mcdonaldengr.jpg" markdone.jpg" Mark selected a gorgeous radiant cut center with a micro pave wedding set. McDonalds stunning diamond & emerald ring after Jerome's hand engraving, Karl's over-an-ounce-of-platinum channel set band with blue & pink (natural) diamonds. Brian choose a micro pave look for his princess cut center. Diane was my most touching project for the Christmas season. The cognac diamonds were from her husbands father's ring. The pendant went to her mother in law, the ring to her husband. Check back later to see what Diane created for herself.
kingdone.jpg" galametrine.jpg" shaneterndone.jpg" suzanne.jpg" raytay.jpg" Mr. Taylor decided on a hand engraved three stone princess cut ring with baguette diamond undergallery and channel set princess cuts in the shank. Suzanne redid our "web specials" sapphire ring into a modern version of the three stone ring, duplicating her original engagement ring into a more substantial version. Shannon selected a gorgeous baguette and round diamond eternity band in platinum in lui of a traditional diamond solitaire. Gallagher's custom wax for a specialty cut ametrine turned out smashing, and Mr. King's floral celtic with Stuller's Tulip head is beautiful. We tucked in tiny mushrooms into the pattern for his girl who loves to garden.
shannonengraved.jpg" karpdone.jpg" For Shannon, a gorgeous purple sapphire with a micro pave bezel. Cast in 18kt white gold with Jerome's Laurel Leaf Hand Engraving. For Karp, a diamond eternity band in platinum
galametrinewax.jpg" bukoskydone.jpg" squiddone.jpg" benjtrio.jpg" Benj bought his wife a beautiful princess cut diamond anniversary band in platinum, but it made her six prong Tiffany soliataire look too dainty in comparison, we carved a custom wax and gave her a sleek flat version in a substantial three millimeters to stand up to that band. Very nice :) Ms. Bukosky is back with another creation, this time a wellness ring with a lovely oval pink tourmaline. Mr Gallagher is back with another wonderful present for his wife, a fantasy cut Ametrine. Here we have the wax preview. Finally, we have Mr. Case with a custom engagement ring in a Squid motive. Very unique!
joethinner.jpg" mahony.jpg" lesliedone.jpg" Joe selected a fine cut D VVS1 Radiant Cut diamond atop a thin four prong custom platinum solitaire. Mahony, a chatham red ruby bezel set in a swirl of white gold & diamonds and for Leslie, a gorgeous millgrained hand engraved platinum anniversary band.
benj.jpg" quivigor.jpg" stiles.jpg" knightdone.jpg" Wax preview for Benj, a nice tall profile solitaire to go with a stunning platinum princess cut anniversary band. For Quivigor a 2.34 ct gorgeous red ruby flanked by ideal cut E VS2 side diamonds. Stiles choose two ideal cut side stones to flank his ideal cut 0.50 ct diamond for a lovely 3 stone ring. Karl choose a fabulous 1.37 ct princess cut diamond gleaming white & bright between two brilliant blue sapphire trillions.
mcpen.jpg" princesscut.jpg" celtic.jpg" solstice.jpg" blossic.jpg" For Blossic we have his own fabulous creation of a bypass ring with a color graduation of blue topaz to blue sapphires with a cool flanders cut center stone. A platinum solstice solitaire with an ideal cut round. A floral celtic nice and antiqued with polished rails and a stunning Emerald Pear Shape Pendant for McDonald to match that gorgeous engagement ring.
Jorgoringdone.jpg" robdone.jpg" nickdone.jpg" neildone.jpg" For Neil an 18kt hand made micropave ring to show off a stunning 1.02 ct D VVS Oval diamond. Nick choose a Platinum Knife Edge shank for his Tiffany Style Solitaire. Rob created his own design with cool half moon cut outs and a top to bottom C bezel & Jorgo has a stunning diamond eternity band to show off the ideal cut round diamond in a Tulip head with diamond detail.
kollerdone.jpg" keith.jpg" mcdonalddone.jpg" For Bourne a Hand Engraved Duo in Platinum - Matching his & hers wedding bands with Jerome's signature swirl and floral pattern, note the extra height on the side wall to ensure the detail in the ring. Keith decided on the four prong X solitaire for his utterly white, ideal cut E VS2 0.77 ct round diamond. Koller decided on a gorgeous GIA G VS1 Marquise in a custom celtic cathedral style solitaire of 18kt white gold and matted finish.
mcdonalddone.jpg" A Stunner in Platinum. Heavy, solid, yet elegant three stone ring with a positively ideal cut 2.01 ct J VS2 GIA round brilliant diamond center. Camera's don't show bling, but boy look at that arrows pattern gleaming! Flanked by two intense green Chatham Trillion Emeralds, this ring will be a conversation piece for years to come!
rtaylor.jpg" Set into a Tall Four Prong Basket V Cap Tiffany Solitaire, Mr. Taylor cuts no corners with this 1.23 carat D color Internally Flawless Princess Cut Diamonds, certified by GIA. Exceptionally Cut, Exceptionally white & flawless. Excellent!
james1.25.jpg" Gorgeous 1.25 carat H color SI1 clarity Round Brilliant Diamond set in a flared channel set engagement ring with crisp white round diamonds, the matching band of 0.25 ct total weight is flush fit and makes for a very clean & pretty look.
koller.jpg" The Koller's have requested a super custom celtic engagement ring, featuring the celtic knott pattern on the side shank, with a very detailed undergallery of swirls and bezel set diamond. This is the master ring for preview only, rather than a cast peice.
futabadone.jpg" Gorgeous, brilliant Ideal cut 1.15 carat round diamond, Internally Flawless and E color set in a six prong crown atop a custom shank hand engraved with a floral design by Jerome.
olsendone.jpg" For Olsen, a pierced celtic engagement ring featuring the classic celtic knott pattern and a tapered shank. Cast in 14kt white gold, and featuring a heart shaped redish-orange garnet center stone. Finished with dark antiquing.
luchinidone.jpg" Custom Platinum Bezel with stippled finish featuring a custom cut trillion shape 12x12 millimeter center stone. The back features three bails so the pendant can be worn tip up or tip down.
viserdone.jpg" The Viser custom ring features an AGS000 cut round diamond, E color VS2 clarity flanked by bright brilliant pink diamonds flush set into 14kt white gold.
willemsdone.jpg" Willems custom Celtic Wedding band, with flush set diamond & ruby. Cast in 14kt white gold with antique finish.
kollerdia.jpg" 1.00 Marquise Diamond for preview, white, clean & crisp to be mounted in a custom designed ring.
nemeth.jpg" Nemeth: Super Gorgeous Custom 3 stone ring features 3.02 Natural Blue Sapphire Prong set flanked by 0.84 carats of White Bright Princess Cut Diamonds, hand engraved by Jerome
mattdee.jpg" Dee: Super Ideal .80 ct round brilliant diamond set atop a custom wedding set featuring bead set round brilliant diamonds and Hand Engraved with Stunning detail by Jerome.
michael.jpg" Michael: Super Fine Cut 1.28 carat round brilliant diamond set in a Euro Shank Solitaire of 14 karat yellow gold with Millgrain detailing. This mount is available in 24 hours in white or two tone gold.
donohuewax.jpg" donohuedone.jpg" Donohue: Custom Carved Wax for an oval shaped blue topaz, cast and finished in 14kt white gold with princess cut diamond accents.
kasson.jpg" kassondonen.jpg" Kasson: Oval Peridot surrounded by channel set round white sapphires offset by two blue sapphire Cabochon cut rounds. Cast & finished in 14kt yellow gold.
briandone.jpg"Brian: Wanted a pierced Design ring and zoned in on the celtic knot pierced with a diamond accent. Cast in 14kt white gold.
wes.jpg"WES: Wanted to get his lovely wife a diamond eternity band, we made it happen using .05 ct round ideal cut diamonds. What a gift!
obriendone.jpg" stroudmag.jpg" nemethwax.jpg" For Stroud a master ring preview for approval, Gorgeous 8 millimeter round sapphire for Nemeth, accented by 0.42 ct colorless VVS clarity princess cut diamonds in a custom three stone ring. Kasson has designed a custom ring to be cast in yellow gold with a peridot center, surrounded by white sapphires & two cabochon cut blue sapphires. For Mr. O'Brien a fabulous 1.50 ct three stone ring in platinum.
jacobsondone.jpg" elizabethdone.jpg" longiewax.jpg" Emerald Cut Emerald Solitaire for Jacobson. Stunning Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond for Elizabeth, absolutely gorgeous. Flush fit custom wedding band for Longie, to be hand engraved.

jacksonceldone.jpg" andrewsdone.jpg" kargoldone.jpg" Kargol has a super magnificent hand engraved engagement ring done in 18kt white gold, Andrews has a sleek, superset white sapphire eternity band, and a beautiful natural finish leaf design celtic band for the soon to be Mrs. Jackson!
mom.jpg" bobperidot.jpg" 1.00.jpg" elizabeth.jpg" crawford.jpg" earringjacket.jpg" First up, a wax for custom 2.50 ct diamond earring jackets to accentuate, PERFECT white south seas pearls, using high D/E color .10 ct ideal cut diamonds. Crawfords pierced and millgrained diamond band in platinum turned out absolutely gorgeous. Elizabeth has a wax preview of a delicate, lacey diamond & platinum ring in the works. Check out her 2.70 ct fancy vivid yellow radiant diamond! The princess cut ring is in the gorgeous trellis three stone design with a .50 ct center and .25 ct side stones. For Bob we have a 5.00 ct marquise shaped peridot cast in green gold, with bead set tsavorite and diamonds. Stunning! And finally, for Mom, a bead set pinkie ring of .52 cttwt of nice white crisp diamonds set in 14lkt white gold.
laurens.jpg" shoreydone.jpg" bartelldone.jpg" Bartell is shipping today with a gorgeous 1.00 ct Natural Trillion Cut Purple Sapphire, set in platinum and hand engraved with Jerome's exceptionally fine detailing. Shorey finishes with a super fine 0.70 ct E VS2 round diamond atop a wide, high polish platinum band, with matching princess cut anniversary band of 0.45 cttwt. Laurens choose a nice matching celtic duo, cathedral style for her with an emerald cut 7x5 millimeter Peridot, and band style for him, cast in sterling silver, both antiqued.
purplesaphwaxredo.jpg" vandeermeerdone.jpg" belldone.jpg" Barstow wax ready to view & approve for a fine project. Fine yellow gold Marquise ring for Mr. Bell, WOW! and a fabulous sapphire and diamond three stone ring.
scarbroughwax.jpg" boyntondone.jpg" Scarbrough wax preview and Boynton's ring finished and ready to ship, absolutely stunning with hand engraving by jerome.
finedone.jpg" purplesaphwax.jpg" shoreywax.jpg" galtourdone.jpg" bukoskywax2.jpg" Very nice! Another "fine" creation from Ms. Fine! Heart shaped cut outs with a rainbow of stones. A wax preview for a gorgeous purple sapphire, Shorey duo will be a classy bold ring with princesscuts, Gallagher's Tourmaline Pendant turned out fabulous, what a beautiful idea! Ms Bukosky has made modifications on her wax from the first run, this will be cast with rose gold, and will be stunning. Karl is doing a three row channel with pink & blue diamonds. Very cool!
rauschpen.jpg" feiertag.jpg" vanwax.jpg" binkleywax.jpg" plumewax.jpg" crosswithbail.jpg" Rausch's Pendant is finished and ready to ship, Feiertag selected a gorgeous ideal cut 1.32 F SI1 round brilliant with a 0.50 ct channel set cathedral style solitaire in 18kt white gold, the matching band is 0.60 ct and is flush fit. Vandermeer has a wax started for a lively 1.00 ct natural blue sapphire with 0.40 ct round diamond side stones, this will cast in 18kt white gold. Binkley has a wax started for a custom diamond pendant with baguette cuts and an .80 ct E VS2 emerald cut, very crisp white stones to be set in 14kt white gold. Plume wanted a heavier version of her tapered channel set wedding band, have a peek! Mr. Chatham here is your cross with the bail attached.
gallagherdone.jpg" shoreywax.jpg" swiftdone.jpg" hawkinsondone.jpg" Shorey wax for preview, ladies channel set princess band at 0.45 cttwt. We have a revised wax for bukosky and a fabulous tourmaline & diamond pendant to deliver to Mr. Gallagher. SWIFT SAPPHIRE Hand made 18 karat white gold mounting with .21 cttwt of round diamonds & a 2.95 carat sapphire for Ms. Swift. Enjoy! Hawkinson is done with a super-duper design! Extremely well cut 2.03 ct "F" color center flanked by .50 ct "F" color fancy bullet shaped diamonds. Love the heart undergallery and the heart diamond detail in the wedding band. Great job!
chathamthin.jpg" mulhollanddone.jpg" Mulholland cast, set and ready to ship! 18kt white gold, wide band X prong undergallery with a .83 ct ideal cut round brilliant diamond center. Very Pretty! Chatham has a thinned down revision of the double sided cross ready for approval!
rauschdone.jpg" hawkinsontwo.jpg" bukoskywax.jpg" Rausch is done and ready to ship, a rose on one side, a sword on the other in fine hand engraving. Bukosky wax is ready to approve, nice white round diamonds will be a perfect compliment to the oval ruby center. Hawkinson's engagement ring is ready for setting, with a very cool band ready to approve. Very very nice details, this ring will be quite smashing when finished!
zilinskas.jpg" gallaghertour.jpg" waxbullets.jpg" pendant.jpg" ovalthreestone.jpg" Zilinskas finished with a gorgeous ideal cut round diamond with channel set princess cut diamond sides. Mr. Gallagher, back again with another custom piece! 8.41 carat Fancy Emerald cut blue-green Tourmaline will be cast in 14kt white gold, a brilliant round diamond is bezel set on top. This is going to be fantastic when finished! We have a custom pendant with the Star of David in 14kt yellow gold and sterling silver, and wax previews for two stunning rings, the first with an oval center flanked by half moons, the second an ideal cut round stone flanked by bullet shaped diamonds. Very cool!
chatham.jpg" kathy.jpg" dragondone.jpg" swift.jpg" sheehan.jpg" beth.jpg" Chatham is making a gorgeous celtic cross, notice the patterning is different on either side. Swift wax is ready to be approved with lovely floral detailing, and a euro shank, just ready to go to casting and have that delicious sapphire set! Mr. Ballentine. Your dragon is awesome! Can't get all the detail far away so thought I'd do the close up's so you can really see his character. Kathy, here's your marquise diamond, bright white F color with a very nice SI2 clarity. I popped it on the white gold ring so you could see it in another light. Yellow Diamonds and Trapezoid side stones, micropave all around with hand engraving on the shank. Very Nice.
sheehan.jpg" souza.jpg" rauschwax.jpg" Wax Previews Sheehan is making a custom S pendant in 14kt yellow gold, adorned with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Souza is back again with a wonderful three stone ring with a center marquise with trillion sides in platinum. Rausch has selected a beatiful Chatham pink diamond in a c-bezel mounting with hand engraving.
ballentine.jpg" renfro.jpg" rausch.jpg" bean.jpg" Mr. Ballentine is at it again with a strong custom dragon atop a gorgeous boulder opal. This is the mag. preview, after approval the final pendant is yet to come! The Renfro ring is shown in 6 millimeter in a natural platinum finish, the design is part of the celtic swirl group. Rausch has sent us a very lovely pink stone with a hand carved scarab, previewed in a yellow gold bezel. The Beans have used a number of concepts for their custom celtic wedding bands, including their wedding date, a celtic knott, and dragons, with the center point being diamond faceted deep red rubies. These rings are shown in 6 and 7.5 millimeter width cast in 14kt yellow gold with antiquing.
Custom Platinum and 18kt Rose Gold!
browndone.jpg stevedone.jpg Absolutely exquisite is Brown's custom platinum and 18kt rose gold ring, made especially for her beautiful Rose colored Ruby. Beautiful detailing in the undergallery and shank! AGS000 Ideal Cut 0.80 ct round Center striking white at E color, set in a classic bar set engagement ring...watch that diamond dance in the sunlight!
A Gorgeous Ring for Steve!!
stevedone.jpg" sharpmag.jpg" beanmag.jpg" McDowelldone.jpg" brown.wax-.jpg Steve, fabulous E color radiant center flanked by 2 E color baguette cut diamonds in a elegant three stone setting. Your lady is going to be doing nothing but staring at her hand! Bean..your mags are done, ready to go to the next step on your approval..nice detail! Sharp, the beginning of a wonderful celtic cathedral! The McDowell Platinum Celtic bands came out gorgeous! HIgh polish platinum waves against a bead-blasted background, the diamond accents in hers is perfect! A beautiful compliment to the C bezel style engagement ring is the diamond wedding band. Take a peek and give us a go, and we're just about a week away from a lovely band.
A gorgeous Radiant Diamond for Steven
brown.wax-.jpg kevin-master-.jpg Steve, here is your gorgeous 0.80 ct E color radiant diamond with 0.25 ct emerald cut sides...and David Andrews what a fine ring you've made with a 0.49 carat benitoite center in a custom Platinum ring!
Messcher Custom Celtic Band
sapphireringsm.jpg bmesschersm.jpg A beautifully done gent's recreated from pictures in memory. The antiquing really brings out the patterning in the 14kt yellow gold. The Lapointe engagement ring features a 1.70 carat Blue Sapphire set in platinum, very unique and very beautiful.
A finished Diamond Studded Heirloom!!!
beth-8-23-05-.jpg mcdowell-ladies-.jpg andrews-wax-.jpg The Andrews wax is done, very cool... There's a ladies version of the wave set in the works, and I thought at 5mm with accent diamonds will give the added elegant touch for this ring. Note the way the diamonds are set into the shank, bordered by a tight millgrain line. The small stones set into the cross strap in the crown help blend this into the theme so well. The center is set nice and low, for a strong and beautiful result.
A wax for a Star Ruby!!!
brown.wax-.jpg kevin-master-.jpg parson-ears-.jpg meyersjr-duo-.jpg lisa-.jpg bufford-butterfly&dragons-.jpg Dragons and Dragonflies are woven into this ancient design, a celtic treatment to a wonderful personal idea submitted. Check this out Lisa! Two classic celtic forms, white design center accented with yellow gold framing rails, for a wonderful ancient feel and look. Hey Todd, here are those "big" earrings :) The celtic ring master of TRI-2110 is a strong design, perfect for platinum. The tailored classic design is timeless. The rich floral elegance of this design comes thru strongly, the diamonds providing accents and detail to the whole. The star ruby is a most excellent stone, bright and richly colored, watch this project come together in the next few days!
Dramatic Radiant cut Diamond!
cathy-pin-.jpg med-id-chain-.jpg andrews-benitoite-.jpg radiant-sol-plat-.jpg bethwax-.jpg 2.31-radiant-d-si1-.jpg The Messcher clan has a very cool master to see :) A lovely Radiant cut diamond in a fast taperinng basket, joined to a platinum shank, for a classic look. The Benitoite gem is cool, the chain for the Medical ID bracelet is shown nicely I think, and the Cathy Pin for the tenth is shown too. A nice day of very cool things. A very cool wax is shown, and a dramatically beautiful 2.31 carat Radiant cut diamond! Dragonflys and Red Dragons abound in this delightful master shown, from which we shall make the original! Really nice to help a vision to become reality.
Dragonfly, Welch symbolic and Celtic in theme!
burford-dragonfly-draw-.jpg messcher-draw-final-.jpg beths-bud-tpend-.jpg burford-master-.jpg messcher-master2-.jpg A redesign of a "T" pendant, with 2.5mm stones and a classic beadwork setting style for a soft lacey edge look. With the redesigning of an old ring comes a new lease on life, transformed into yellow gold with the same design, with the added woven like rope edge now. The Red Dragon is both the national symbol as well as steeped in history and tradition to the Welsh, with the ancient trisket symbols which pre-date illustrated manuscripts. The Dragonfly as a flavor in the natural flowing tapestry makes this a unique expression for Charlene & Ken.
Two Powerfully Fine Opals, potential annd possibilities!
dragon-fire-.jpg opal-tri-pend1-.jpg meyers-draw-.jpg saph-hs-choices-.jpg opal-dewdrops-.jpg dougherty-done-.jpg BANCROFT-WOW-.jpg The Bancroft wedding set is shown, refinished with a lovely marquise diamond. The complex celtic 18Kt white gold band incorporates gemstones in the design. A brilliant shimmering radiant blue and white is a wonderous combination. A natural opal woven into a natural setting. Two heartshaped Sapphires are shown, with finely matched red accents. A complex two tone band ring design is shown, the Meyer's project rolls forward with a view to ancient celtic theme. For magnificient gemstones the mission is to build a home that complements and enhances the shape and color without overpowering. The first pendant is totally inspired by the hot flashes of red and dramatic range of colors, for a "DragonFire" mystical feel and flavor. The second pendant idea is pulled directly from the similarity of the colors and hues relationship to the illustrated manuscripts of the book of Kells, a traditional ancient knottwork and small accent diamonds set in tri-prong crowns. Just two of the infinate possibilities.
A glorious Friday, with new beginings and promise!
glace-draw-.jpg complex-draw-.jpg silver-ring-redesign-.jpg bancroft-dia-.jpg brown-em-done-.jpg mcdowell-draw-.jpg The Emerald rests in a floral theme design for a powerfully cool and interesting ring. The drawing for McDowell is also shown today, the first step in the process. The Bancroft marquise diamond fits the existing ring perfectly, so much better than a round ever could. Perfect shape too! The remake of the silver ring master is done, as is the test of the very complex design. The drawing for Glace is also previewed and I appoligize for being sick for about a week and slacking off.
Dreams and Family Tradition meet!
caudill-master-.jpg redbird-draw-.jpg zach-done-.jpg caudill-master2-.jpg erath-done-.jpg Two tone celtic swirls are wonderful, the gent's with yellow rails and the ladies with the design taking the entire ring surface. Zach Attack! Here is a genuine Family Heirloom ring, powerful and bold with detail and a substantial feel and weight. This is the first master, which will be molded to make the original. Designed and patterned from a picture of a worn silver ring. Pretty cool, huh? To qualify what you are seeing, the sides and top are highlighted shamelessly, as we create your dream rings. The radiant effect will be massively cool, the top domed nicely and very well defined old english text too!!! Still laying up the sides but I predict a legendary result. Just a start, side to side at the extreme top this is at 30mm, tapering fast as you see... Enjoy!
Platinum, platinum and more platinum!
Stewart-done-.jpg douberly-wowzer-.jpg buckley-done-.jpg crouch-trio-.jpg aero-rider-.jpg A complex design submitted in Illustrator format yields an amazing two tone design, with narrow yellow gold rails. A wonderful platinum trio, princesscuts and trillions. Platinum takes a shine like no other metal, a brilliant white that complements the fine diamonds contained there in. The three emerald cuts are set in na robust and ample mounting, for a lifetime of joy. The three round stones are set in a very substantial and elegant platinum ring with diamonds set into the shank. The emerald cut diamond is the solitaire is shown as well.
Check this out!
crouch-wax-.jpg healy-done-.jpg 2.0rb-g-si1-ndr-.jpg 2.0rb-g-si1-ndr-cert-.jpg poulsen-15mm-.jpg Platinum wide celtic, 15mm of fun! Here is a blaster fine two carat diamond, well cut, bright and just a wonderful look here, "G" color and SI1 for exceptionally nice! A great wax is shown, and what a set this will make when it all comes together in metal. The elegant ring with the triangle emerald green stone is power and bold, a wonderful combination of celtic knots and family crests, woven into a timeless design.
An Emerald center, 18Kt yellow gold, with accents!
brown-draw-.jpg mcconnell-pndone-.jpg sanders-trio-.jpg rogers-wow-.jpg frick-beautiful-.jpg bracelet-5-0z-celt-.jpg Five and a half ounces of silver in the celtic bracelet, 4.5mm thickness, comfortfitted inside and a massively unique bold itteration of a classic art form. With the feel of ancient treasure, an heaft. For Andreas we have a lovely vibrant trillion tsavorite framed in a ring with New Zealand element in a floral design. Cool ring and I am so sorry it is late, I had to install a new white gold crown to make it perfect, and I need to make sure it is done right. Breathtaking hand engraving, scrolls and detail to complement that radiant colored oval. Triangle amethyst pendant is shown in 18Kt gold. The inner-locking wedding set with the celtic theme is elegant indeed. A floral design that frames a very fine round emerald, and shown with emerald accents in the flower elements set into the design. Borders imaged within the design and a wonderful lowered background highlights the garden of delights here, shown as a simulation. Pretty cool huh?!?
An exercise in setting today!
youngagain-.jpg zimmer-done-.jpg clannish-draw-.jpg bobadilla-wowzer-.jpg zach-wax-.jpg stewart-wax-.jpg lisa-wax-.jpg Waxes times three. A nicely stylized family crest rendering for a potential twin ring project. Subtile texture in white is also shown. Engraving and a cool sapphire ring too! How marvelous, be sure and take a close up look, the closer you look the better you will enjoy them. There is a subtile "florentine finish" cross the crescent that frames the sapphire, be sure to click the small shot to see the bigger shot I just tool. From casting to setting to the camera... Glory be...

A very creative wedding set blueprint is shown today!
sanders-draw-.jpg mcconnell-pendwax-.jpg bobadilla-wax-.jpg frick-master2-.jpg sanders-masters-.jpg beagle-finaldraw-sm.jpg The Frick master now has the built up crown, and the form fitted celtic set is shown, the engagement ring will be white, the wedding bands (2) yellow, with one welded onto the engagement set (minus a small diamond) and the loose ring with the small stone where shown. I love to draw and this is a good example where a design has inspired a variation of the original, in this version the one side framing ring is part of the design, all white, and the detatchable ring is yellow gold, with a diamond set in the keyway... Very cool as you can see from the simulation, and I am moving to metal right this moment to get back on track....

An Elegant Claddaugh Engagement Ring!
1.41mq-.jpg 4amyring-.jpg holmes-done-.jpg mqandrings-.jpg young-duex-.jpg zimmer-.jpg Two rings against the marquise diamond, grab this one before it vanishes, as nice marquise diamonds do... Elegantly formed hands frame one of the finest sapphires I have set... Tapering and arching into a classic celtic theme home for this fine gemstone. The four Ameythists provide a vibrant background for the diamond center. The marquise shown is for Beth's client, very nice, very bright, nicely cool... Sorry, I just can't take my eyes of the sapphire heartshape and the flowing lines of that elegant ring, light playing down the sides like liquid. Most cool way to end the day for certian.
Emerald Cuts are classics!
3ecs-.jpg hanley-classics-.jpg healy13-.jpg buckley-cath-.jpg amytri-sol-.jpg logo-example-.jpg 18Kt triangle amy ring shown too! A platinum celtic cathedral is shown, blazing emerald and sleek ancient echoes. If you want to push out farther we can, with some mininal distortion which you really will not notice. yer call there... Three Emerald cut diamonds are shown, and a nice full and delightful look is the best. The drawing of the Infinity band ring repeating design does just exactly that, planned to have no change in the design fully around. Enjoy the previews... I also took on a project to make the center hubs for a show car, and designed the plate of 9. These are cut into 1/4 thick pure copper plate, and will go straight to chrome so there are nice crisp edges and no multiplating build up. I take great pride in diversity and cool projects, which defines this perfectly well I think... DeCaro suprize, now isn't that just about the coolest ring you ever saw?
Princesscuts are wonderful indeed!
elmore-relax-.jpg nordstrom-done-.jpg decaro-suprize-.jpg ZIMMER-SHIMMER-WAX-.jpg ZIMMER-SHIMMER-DONE-.jpg A Zimmer wax for a project, and a lovely finished ring. AWESOME PRINCESSCUT IN PLATINUM RING SHOWN! Some fun setting projects that Ray just now finished, the first a sweet lowslung ring with a broad slight dome, with the side view cutouts and "U" shaped center crown. European square hips complete the profile. The channelset princesscut sapphires are well colored, as they flank the princesscut center stone. Love that side view...
Butterflys away!!
butterfly-master-.jpg redding-masters3-.jpg holmes-master3-.jpg familycrests-.jpg frick-stonedmag-.jpg mcconnell-wax-.jpg Wax on, wax off :) The family crest celtic flavored ring master is shown, as is the trillion inset celtic theme ring and the stone for review. For the Claddaugh Celtic ring I now show where three stones will be set, in the existing crown and within the design. No doubt that this will work very well, so we're ready to mold and finish far as I can see... I quickly simulated a finished shot with the 3 stones set. Butterfly Master shown, I am going to put a skirt about the back, so the joint pin and catch set inside and the pin/pendant rides flush. This will be a quite amazing feel, the depth and drama of the filligree and ornate design will make for a fantastic result. The second masters for the knottwork set of bands is done, note now a repeating (no sizing area) in both and no inside bevel.
Blistering fine platinum ring, for the amazing Radiant cut!
3.25-done-sm.jpg 15mm-sm.jpg rocheford-done-.jpg durchslage-coolness-sm.jpg buckley-trimoon-master-sm.jpg frick-master-.jpg Based on symbols of New Zealand, woven in with floral arrangements, and soon to sport a trillion. I will adjust the setting height to have the stone very low-rider, and comfortable. This is the master and glimpse of the result. Enjoy! The platinum celtic cathedral, with triple moons and a delightful emerald. Ready to make this very cool design now, how about you? {grin} A very cool floral inspired patterned wedding band shown, natural finish shown. Emerald cut in a delightful airline style ring. Two celtic designs requested to be 15mm... Figured that I'd show ya that either will be amazing fine, and the fact is that unless you want a second color for the edges I would recommend the imaged borders as you see here. The definition is outstanding fine! For our friends in London we have assembled, and Ray just finished setting, the fantastic 3.25 carat "F-Internatlly Flawless" Radiant cut with the framing side stones, and we now have a nearly bulletproof platinum bridgework classic ring that displays the diamond as well as any ring could. When perfection is desired it does not have to come from a over-priced store, in fact when I move forward on a custom ring like this it is for the very best result always, with little concern for anything else but the finest example possible. What ya think guys???
I agree entirely!!
healey2-draw-sm.jpg flutterbys-sm.jpg nordstrom-wax-sm.jpg rogers-wax-sm.jpg decaro-wax2.jpg newzealand-draw2-sm.jpg wa;dschmidt-wax-sm.jpg The 3.25 carat Radiant cut "F" Internally Flawless is cool, but in this wax flanked by perfectly matched side stones it becomes a work of wearable art, a natural wonder... A Trillion shown in a New Zealand symbol rich wedding band design. Most cool, and you can eaasily dot the flowers with very small diamonds too if you want! Art Deco Butterfly for that very natural and impressive pin or pendant, yup... I can do that... Two are shown that are delightful examples of a very detailed and ornate feel, in two subtile sub-flavors. Waxes are shown times three, very detailed shots and we are ready to go to casting... The family coat of arms as specified at the sides would have worked, but indeed you would never see both of them together at all, so moving the elements together to form a top is a very good thing here, the trillion woven into the design with the framing coat of arms framing it logically, this makes huge sense as you can see from the simulation... OK the design and we move to the plate today!!!!
Custom Wearable Art!!!
young4-sm.jpg young6-sm.jpg pink2-sm.jpg durchslage-done-sm.jpg healey-draw-sm.jpg buckley-draw-sm.jpg r.taylor-done-sm.jpg Hand engraved wonder, elegance is timeless and quality is visible. Dreaming of what might be, a celtic floral cathedral with a triple moon glyph at the top framing the stone. Emerald cuts are perfect too for they mesh with the lines of the ring so very well, and a flat sided band fits wonderfully against them too. Hey look, compare the brilliance and see how the first stone is strong and bright? This one has a bit more depth but also has a window in the center. Two cool rings for Young to see as well...
A set of rings for Ben and a very cool 18Kt celtic wedding band set!
ben-done-sm.jpg redding-done-sm.jpg riggio-done-sm.jpg 3.25-sm.jpg shaw-done-sm.jpg airline-wax-sm.jpg allen-pendwax-sm.jpg Two waxes to see today. Row upon row of diamonds in the new wedding ring, note how it matches where the stones end, and how the transition to the angle of the trillion center worked out. As CEO of Tradeshop I would like you to know that I spend my time setting diamonds, designing and working with clients, not in some office. I can design it, make it, set it and more, your dream that is. Translating dreams into reality in preciious metals and gems for people who care. What a delightfully full and harmonious feel to this set. The diamond is a 3.25 Carat Radiant Cut diamond, "F" color and GIA graded. Whenn you look in the dictionary for "Perfect Diamond" you see a reference to the Waldschmidt Internally Flawless perfect radiant cut diamond for sure, or you should anyway. The ballence of side trillions to the center is perfection... The A great day for cool wedding bands, and both here are delightfully custom projects. The sapphire floats in what I like to call a "hidden comfort-fit" that grows slightly thicker at the top to let a gemstone set into the design, become a part of it, with an almost invisible inside ramping to clear the stone's culet. Lowrider... Ben's project is cool, based on Bears and a flavor of interwoven celtic theme. Nice it too small a word for creative projects like this... I enjoy helping folks find their special vision, in precious metal and gems :)
A wax for the Riggio clan
riggiowax-sm.jpg poulsen-sm.jpg Poulsen2-sm.jpg holmes-master2-sm.jpg coolengraving-sm.jpg pinksapph-sm.jpg The form fitted wax that shadows the edge of this very cool engagement ring, soon set with small diamonds to match up with the other ring, but for now a nice wax preview for a friday afternoon to be sure. Well, for Tuesday some nice shots of some great and wonderful things :)
From "A" to "Zimmer"!
ben-masters-sm.jpg zimmerwax-sm.jpg young-eng-sm.jpg bluedias-sm.jpg sololik-sm.jpg A design for Lauren and her man :) Blue diamond earrings anyone??? Laying out an engraving pattern for Young. Soon to be a stunning ring that is ornately engraved, this is the first step along that path. The roundells get millgraining and shank a stunning design. Finished the masters for Ben and company :) The width assures a nice detail in the tighter design areas and the paws with the sculpted background that bevels as it drops, "smokin' fine"...

Hand engraved is rather awesome!
schuler-master-sm.jpg redding-masters2-sm.jpg denick-engraved-sm.jpg hanley-master2-sm.jpg emtrills-sm.jpg taylor-wax-sm.jpg riggio-wedwax-sm.jpg Nice matched emerald trillions shown. Taylor and Riggio waxes are shown. The knot design for the Schulers is done, a powerful 8mm in platinum, here is the master. The fine design is hard to see in this narrow of a ring, but the detail is there. Awesome hand engraving by my friend Jerome, the best hand engraver I have ever worked with. You can see here that the color change center stonne will blend nicely into this ring, I generally do not like to finish out items this way in the master stage but to help you understand how the reduction works and that the ring become more delicate was a good idea.

Hand engraved fun!
atallah-done-sm.jpg linahan-masterdangle-sm.jpg mulder-done-sm.jpg huges-done-sm.jpg ben-paws-sm.jpg sanford-holmes-master1-sm.jpg The celtic Bear theme, a great design here. A diamond inn 14Kt yellow gold wedding set for a marquise is shown :) Platinum Zoomorphic designs with blazing elegant look. Very subtile and very ancient looking, like a treasure from a bygone distant past. The Cellphone Dangle is shown on the lobster-claw clasp, and of course you can see we will get a powerful detail and most excellent result. Delicate hand engraving runs the surface and sides, a classic stylized wheat like pattern. A lovely dramatic heartshape sapphire is the center of a wonderfully sculpted and natural feeing ring. The knot design is very well defined, the outer edges softened, and a great start at a stunning ring.

Dreams coming true, for Linahan!
linahan-dangle-sm.jpg reding-draw2-sm.jpg sapphireshotduex-sm.jpg wax-houghton-sm.jpg holmes-draw2-sm.jpg Claddaugh with the hands tranformed into the setting for the sapphire heartshape. Refined drawing of the custom wedding rings for the Reding crew. Another shot of a sapphire... Custom wax for houghton, form fitted wedding ring. Very cool. Dreams coming true, in precious metal and gems!

Now a pretty cool way to incorporate the design used in the gent's ring for what in Korea is called a "Dangle" for a cellphone, here is a delightful centering of a classic celtic cross, with the framing elements from this design. I went this way to five the width for most excellent detail and depth, with a rounded bordered feel. Nice huh?

Dreams coming true, in precious metal and gems!
lazenby-done-sm.jpg hanley-master-sm.jpg reding-masters-sm.jpg mqgldsol-sm.jpg shaw-parts-sm.jpg young-thang-sm.jpg Refinished medevial princesscut ring for Young :) Gold wedding set for a marquise diamond is shown. A crown is shown for Shaw, basket for the center stone. Starting with a powerfully cool sapphire heartshape I have constructed a nice low profile that meshes the theme of the claddaugh and this elegant gem from SimplySapphire. THe master is shown, how it works. No seams of course in the finished, but built up where it counts for both wearability and beauty. The theme taken from a silver ring the emerald cut rests in a wonderful flowing pattern. The complex nature of a color change gem is perfect for this celtic inspired crossover design. Given the feeling of rails as well as a modern crossover style setting. Again, no seams in the finished but I like to show the steps along the way to a family heirloom being born. Now, the set of celtic knottwork is outstanding, and you can see how the ladies is set with a 2.8mm blue diamond, one is shown... Note the subtile way the top thickens to allow the stone to set into the design, becoming a part of the design... Comfort fitted and most elegant indeed.

Monday is about catching up a bit, with these lovely projects previewed!!
duke-master-sm.jpg crossover-cath-1-sm.jpg holmes-draw-sm.jpg thistle-sm.jpg A Thistle design modification for a very cool floral wedding ring design. First is the "DUKE" master, shown here as the celtic swirl center framed with very slightly raised and rounded rails, and this will be a wonderful white gold treasure. You can see the start of a comfort-fit bevel I install, which makes for a very comfortable ring indeed. The "Crossover Cathedral" is indeed a very interesting ring indeed. The rich celtic zoomorphic design is framed with very slighty raised rails, and meshes into a complex crossover style to secure the color change garnet. One can see many sides to this design, and of course it is comfort-fitted for easy wear too. For the Holmes crew it is about the Claddaugh designn and a delightful heartshaped sapphire that just radiates color and life. This will be a delightful project indeed...

YOUNG5-SM.jpg RHODES-DONE-SM.jpg thompkins-fini-sm.jpg walters-fini-sm.jpg atallah-masters-sm.jpg Three verycool projects. A wonderful hand engraved set is shown, and a very cool five stone ring too! Jerome is a very fine hand engraver and his work is just wonderfully detailed and ornate. The ruby accents add life and color to the mix, with the engraving the frosting on the cake.

Emerald cut Diamond in a treasured design!!
3-16-05copy-sm.jpg ec-mag-sm.jpg trio-sm.jpg young3-sm.jpg piere-draw2-sm.jpg For Pierre I have designed a continious design for their wedding rings, to finger size and width, for a most elegant and a most amazing platinum set. The finished Young project is featured. :) Enjoy! The Denick projct too! Here is a good example, a design which was copied from an existing ring, a treasured heirloom, now remade with a lovely emerald cut center in rails... The stone will set lower when finished. Yes indeed, while this is the mockup and to show the plan it also shows exactly what can happen when a dreamer finds a real jeweler, who won't direct them to something close. "Enjoy!!!"

hanley-draw-sm.jpg barto-done-sm.jpg blersch-done-sm.jpg keith-engravdone-sm.jpg crossover-celt32-sm.jpg skipperdone-sm.jpg Medval designs are also wonderful for an ancient and heirloom look. A complex celtic three sided design, for an oval color change center stone. Marvelous lines and clean crossover makes this a unique signature design at Tradeshop. Crossovers and celtic are meshed into a timeless elegant design. For hand engraving I would put this against anyone out there, Jerome is a fine master engraver in the fine european tradition. Custom wedding bands with a pattern they designed, and I helped them create. The princesscut classic is in 14Kt white gold, and very sleek and elegant... Classic style to display that stone... For the Dramatic Color Change center opal we weave a rich tapestry of celtic zoomorphic birds with a delightful crossover side planned, for a second glance easter-egg... The sides form a wonderful canvas to use and the sides tie right into the theme perfectly. The design is taken from an existing ring, and for the engagement diamond ring the plan is a 5mm width with about a .075 carat emerald cut for the center, set in sidebars and slightly above the surface, but only as much as needed to clear the diamond above the finger inside the metal. Since Wendy and her man are intown today I also did paper cutouts to gauge width for fun, which I will print out and put on the surface of an existing band of that width for a good feel and preview.

Complex Dragon Sided Celtic Matching Rings!!
wolfe-master-sm.jpg barto-masters-sm.jpg walters-wax-sm.jpg young-wax-sm.jpg young-prinmed-sm.jpg side-shots-sm.jpg jinx-waxes-sm.jpg Medeval design in white with a princesscut on the diagional, and note the millgrained edge? Nice huh? {grin} Two wax projects to visit! In the rich celtic tradition of the Zoomorphic I have designed from the client's art a crisp and very interesting set of rings! Note the scaling effect and how that adds texture, the detail is outstanding fine, and the tree of life is incorporated into the design, with the elements facing each other at the top/bottom of the ring... The matching rings will be stunning indeed, with a rich celtic swirl design framing the center bezel and tapering gently towards the hint of european hips. The sides are a medeval carnival of delight, with dragons clasping a 1.25mm gem, flying above infinity symbols, with a very delicate detail. The seam will vanish between the sides and top, and a very slightly raised bezel to add depth and topography. Very cool and very elegant, a fantasy come true.

Rubies and Amethyst, and more!!
1.27pr-sm.jpg cassie-joe-stones-sm.jpg cox-done-sm.jpg blersch-wax-sm.jpg schassberger-done-sm.jpg ears-sm.jpg rubyrng-sm.jpg Major cool wedding set Ray just finished setting. Earrings shown are 1.43 Carats total weight. Two rubies and two amethyst to see for a project, and a lovely 1.27ct princesscut. A wax is shown, crossover sides, and a lovely ring for a very old friend of mine. I've known Ed for about 40 years, we were in the army together, and it was a pleasure to set the stones for you today guys. Also a very nice touch is that there is that blaster GIA graded pearshape diamond, for a dazzeling look to crown the ring. Most excellent, and I reminded myself why I do this too :)

Gentle Dragon Masters are done!!
gentle-dragons-sm.jpg barto-master-sm.jpg young-draw-sm.jpg shaw-draw-sm.jpg aon-3-10-05-sm.jpg tril-ring-sm.jpg rubies-wax-sm.jpg mill-bnd-sm.jpg Two waxes to preview and a very cool ring with millgraining and a c-bezel... Drawings times three to show what is possible, and three delightful projects move forward today... The dragon side I wanted to preview and show the detail. The very powerful design will make this ring very unique and interesting. The band is previewed to show the Bartos how the design works so very well. A client inspired design that is stylized and quite dramatic. Great the way the scaling and background detail worked out.

Totally unique Custom!!
wolfe-draw2-sm.jpg linahan-set-done-sm.jpg gibbs-waxmod-sm.jpg dragons-med-3-sm.jpg barto-draw2-sm.jpg Gentle Medeval Dragons clutch a gem on each side, woven into a tapestry of the celtic motiff. For the Barto clan I have refined a unique design and elements they furnished. For a powerful set I offer the Linahan set, the gent's ring a rich celtic tapestry in the zoomorphic flavor, and the ladiest a matching style for a great look. I also imaged the inside of the ring so I could build a stylized celtic font as inside engraving (sort of)... The effect, as you can see, is powerfully personalized and cool. The wax has been altered, the stone lowered, but do remember that the setter will want excess metal to set the stone, then file away the excess. ...take no more away for the best results...

A new design with Dragons on the side, and a rich celtic themes for your enjoyment!!!
wolfe-draw-sm.jpg double-dragon-sm.jpg camelot-kotwwork-sides-SM.jpg aberlemno-spirals-sm.jpg Absent was a very nicely compatable spiral design, so from the Aberlemno Spirals I have designed a crisp three sided ring, built around a low set center about 5mm-6mm.... {grin}... Sometimes ya just have to let it rip, and so enjoy the new designs for a very proven and striking result. Knottwork for the ring's side? You bet! Shown is a new (today) design that incorporates 18 small accent diamonds set flush into the design, framed with rich celtic knottwork tapestry. Shown with a 5mm center diamond in 18Kt yellow gold, with a light antique finish. Mary had asked if there was an Asian Dragon, and here is the one I have been working on for a nice selection of pattern sided ring choices. Cassandra came in Friday to discuss designing a celtic dragon ring, and here is the result. After talking about a gentle mideval dragon, and weaving in knottwork to being in symmetry I am so pleased to introduce my new "Gentle Mideval Dragons" design. Note the ruby is shown at about 5mm in size, the small diamonds in the sides are about 1.25mm each. Shown simulated in an 18Kt white with light antique. Gotta love that, yes? I can alter any of these to fit your stone, or as a starting place for a unique custom design...

A WAX to preview, and more
hawkins-done-sm.jpg kotch-done-sm.jpg keithwaxsm.jpg waxagain-sm.jpg The repeating design that matches his tattoo is done, and a wonderfully personalized engagement ring indeed. A zoomorphic cathedral is done as well, framing a wonderful diamond. The three ring set is planned, a canvas for rich hand engraving. Here is that side shot, remember I set the stone down a bit, and file of the excess on the top, so there it is, the shot and explaination as well...

A Crossover with heartshaped tiped prongs...???
noonereallycares-sm.jpg csanky-done-sm.jpg costanzo-semiset-sm.jpg sande-done2-sm.jpg gibbs-wax-sm.jpg rhodes-wax-sm.jpg Waxes to show what is soon to be... Times two :) Hand Engraving fan? How about that low five stone platinum ring? Sleek, stable and elegant. A very elegant crossover for a wonderful round diamond, the split prongs are finished off by Ray to be nicely heartshaped, and a very symmetrical diamond make for hearts and arrows and even more hearts, in brilliant 18Kt white gold... A drawing and simulation for the design "noonereallycares"... {grin}... ...which indeed I find very cool, and inspiring... Rather than do it by hand engraving I think the etch process with the recessed matte baskground frames the letters and design way better than could be done by hand... Just my opinion, but proven in many a project shown here too... :)

A Design for a 7.5mm round brilliant diamond...
gibbs-draw-sm.jpg hopkins-done-sm.jpg gilmore-wax-sm.jpg blaszkiewiz-done-sm.jpg csanky-wax-sm.jpg pierce-done-sm.jpg Elegant Emerald Celtic Ring!!!!!! A crossover style wax is shown, as is a very cool pair of bands, rhodiumed in the background for a subtile color shift, and a marvelous result. The Gilmore wax is shown, elegant and stylish! Hopkins design is finished, two dramatic and elegant band rings they designed themselves!!! The center diamond is shown to scale and there are two Triquetra designs I wanted to show for this... The first is the one which inspired your contact, the second is a more faithful rendering of the Triquetra you pointed to, and given the size of the center there is room for a very fine result and definition. I have also drawn the Nizer project too :) Off to make the masters :)

A sleek C bezel ring, and another elaborate design...
cross-sword-sm.jpg sutton-done-sm.jpg sawley-done-sm.jpg wax-wed-sm.jpg rnd-low-solitaire-sm.jpg princess-airline-sm.jpg A wedding ring wax is shown, nice low profile. A princesscut classic airline solitaire is shown, as is a round brilliant sweet wider shank platinum solitaire. From classics to custom call me now :) I guess that it is the fact that here custom and very creative ideas are not dimmed by the desire to sell a factory alternative to what is desired. The c-bezel ring is a good example, designed by the stone and finger size it;s flowing lines are sweet. The elaborate ring with small accent diamonds in the gallery, split prongs and more. The cross and sword design are going to be wonderous, I am not completely done but I wanted to show the body and the sword, which will be assembled in the metal.

0.75-ec-sm.jpg prince-2.00-sm.jpg mq-ring-sm.jpg emerald-sol-sm.jpg ps-sm.jpg richards-done-sm.jpg Pearshape diamond, "D" color, 0.46ct at $799. The Richards Celtic ring is done, marvelously of course! An emerald ring is also shown, and a stunning low riding Marquise ring too! Two diamonds to ponder, the emerald cut is a super nice and brilliant stone, by tilting and showing angles this is clear, the princesscut is a bold and beautiful diamond indeed, with two carats behind the dazzeling cut and brilliance. Call now and we can begin :)

An Elaborate client design, the masters...
hopkins-masters-sm.jpg davey-wax-sm.jpg sawley-wax-sm.jpg lee-done-sm.jpg 0.56-5mm-sm.jpg 2.27-6.7mm-.jpg Celtic Claddaugh band design, in white gold! Two Rubies, dramatic color and vibrant hue! Two waxes to preview today... Here we have a very cool design which was sent to be created, two tone with the added slightly raised and slightly rounded rails. I have worked the design up in metal masters, including the rails, so you can see how cool this will be. I did not darken the background in these shots so the lower fifth close up tells the story when we do antique and see that dramatic detail and dropped background. An amazing project coming together, up close and personal. Enjoy!

An Amazing Tennis Bracelet!...
visco-thomas-sm.jpg reed-done-sm.jpg 7.5tw-tennis-sm.jpg custom-draw-sm.jpg cross-pend-sm.jpg mq-sm.jpg knipe-done-sm.jpg A Lovely heart shape accent platinum ring! Emerald cut center, a very cool look. Marquise Lover? Check this one out! How about seeing that custom two color cross in a simulation? For the effect you want of stepped I see this built in layers. That also accomidates the yellow gold roses too, and will add a seriously cool demension and depth to this, for a unique and original result. A simulation of the Wedding ring art? A celtic band ring with a delightful horse theme, in a celtic mode, with a diamond very low set in a bezel. A comfort-fit bevel and a very lovely look in warm yellow gold. A Claddaugh theme in the second set, and a fabulous tennis bracelet that is a 7.5 carat total weight, princesscuts are dazzeling and the look is wonderful, much better than I can catch in simple shots like these...

Celtic Theme Masters, a delightful project!...
linahan-cath-master-sm.jpg smith-done-sm.jpg smith-cbezel-done-sm.jpg visco-draw2-sm.jpg ec-wax-sm.jpg whitaker-done-sm.jpg Hand engraved three stone ring? Why of course. A very cool wax for the emerald cut, note the heart shape cut outs? For the Vesco crew, a second design. A very cool band, with low bezel diamond. A very cool celtic in platinum with a "C-Bezel" for sleek, troublefree, and an ancient feel... A band ring with a 4.3mm center set in a very low bezel. with a delightful celtic horse theme pattern. A most elegant and classic look. The Celtic Cathedral has been imaged with an inside name as well as outside strong detailed design based on a tiger, woven into a celtic format. Most excellent detail as you can see, and while we will loose a bit of finer detail in mold/casting this is such that it will overcome well that process. Initials on the back side and also shown with "the" emerald cut which will be used. Nice project. The Tiger pendant is a challenge to come up with a strong design. Note the edges effect and overlap, and of course the elegant styling bail too, which will take most any chain at all you'd care to use.

Marvelous Three Stone Platinum RIng!...
shutt-done-sm.jpg bell-eternity6-sm.jpg princess-negrete-sm.jpg josh-done-sm.jpg johnson-done-sm.jpg bagring-sm.jpg Blistering fine princesscut for Negrete, Josh in Alaska's Engraved custom ring is done, and the sleek emerald cut wedding set too! Two of each, twin emerald, twin diamond and twin sapphire eternity rings, with stones so vibrant and rich in color and hue they seem eye candy. Powerfully beautiful and classic, with endless color change out combinations. A delightful and flexible 6 rings, with the Rubies being sent for approval before setting, but they are equally as rich and fully saturated, so doubtless we'll be completing the set of 8 almost instantly once you see these {grin}... This ring is from the Holiday Specials, where there is a great and wonderful diversity of cool things, with the diamonds carefully picked and set we have a first class result, and a great holiday suprise for that someone special!

Illustrating the two patterns for Vin...
choices-revieled-sm.gif butterfly-ears2-sm.jpg mason-done-sm.jpg rr-sm.jpg heron-wbezel-sm.jpg knipe-sm.jpg mandeville-sm.jpg heron-mags-sm.jpg linahan-cath-sm.jpg
A complex cathedral, tigers and a name "inside" the ring! Stand by for cool here!!! A Heron celtic classic, with the bezel planned. Twin celtic masters with rails, see how this adds depth and a sweet framing effect. An emerald cut and princesscut that Beth shot too. Earrings for Brians, times three :) Great hand engraved ring set with accent diamonds, scrolls a plenty here. Sooo, illustrating the two Celtic designs from the CelticRings.com Zoomorphic designs I have pinged the archives and have done both the black and white blueprint as well as a sort of fast simulation of the effects imparted by the process. The rounding and beveling are wonderfully sculptural as the background drops. Both designs are strong, the choice I suppose is finally made based on what you fancy you like the very most...

Ray just set this, and 'tis time to show the Milella clann a treasure...
milella-done-sm.jpg faulkner-wax-sm.jpg prin-ring-sm.jpg 3ec-mtg-sm.jpg mq-tril-mtg-sm.jpg em-two-sm.jpg Two Emeralds shown. Marquise ring shown, sporting trillions, and I just set the emerald cut three stone ring too. The princesscut just finished up too... More coming... A wax is shown, flowing curves and elegant lines, with bagguettes!!! Six Sapphires of exceptional color and hue, set in a plush band with rows of accent diamonds, set in a classic beadwork pave' style with an outside millgrained border. Powerfully defined and elegantly rendered into an easy wear powerful ring, with an ancient treasure look and feel. I love setting in this style, very much makes me feel alive and somehow more real. I am at heart a builder, and craftsman, and I draw my real pleasure in seeing the project come alive in my hands, stone by stone, bead by bead... It was always the building which fascinated me, and does to this day.

Two Tone Custom Celtics, a powerfully unique look and ancient feel...
mq-trils-sm.jpg saphire&jackets-sm.jpg williams-duex-done-sm.jpg life-pendant-sm.jpg sande-done-sm.jpg coloredstones-sm.jpg A very meaningful pendant is born, and a group of vividly colored gems for a manufacturing project too... The Sande engagement ring is set now too, the look is very cool indeed. The Williams rings are shown, all ready to go... The vivid emerald and ruby are set into two tone rings, with red gold top crosses set in the contrasting metal. The sides are accented by twin stones per side, for a very cool look...

Josh's WAX, for the custom cut sapphire!!!
josh-saphwax-sm.jpg milella-wax-sm.jpg threestone-semi-sm.jpg celtic-semi-003-sm.jpg cufflinks-rr-sm.jpg ec-trap-mtg-sm.jpg Cufflinks? Sure, the initials applied with pins for a nice crisp look... Blaster ring set, subtile rose, white and yellow... Earrings Jackets turn a gemstone into a dazzeling blaze of light and color!!! Marquise and trillions shown, lovely ballence. Emerald cut with trapizoid side diamonds... A Celtic Semi-Mount ready to set your center stone, call for details... Three stone mounting shown too. Concave back facets give this sapphire oval a supercharged dazzel, the color is dramatic and richly full, vibrant. This wax will be perfect for the fully hand engraved wonder upcoming. The wax is shown for Milella as well...

Engraved Delight!!!
taylor-eng-sm.jpg horse-cufflinks-sm.jpg center-w-trills-sm.jpg wed-wax-sm.jpg emeraldcuts3-sm.jpg wowzer-gold-set-sm.jpg A Wowzer wedding set with channelset accents and a dramatically fine center. Three Emerald Cuts are shown, elegantly matched an ready to combine into an amazing three stone ring... A wedding ring wax beside the engagement ring, a number of shots to see it very nicely from many ways. A beautiful round two carat with 4mm side stones shown... Horse Racing Cufflinks? Surely can do that for you, as you can plainly see... With a millgrained comfort-fit it is a snap to engrave a nice fill pattern for a very much hand worked look. The weight of the band is super nice and the way the high dome works is perfect for the pattern.

Your Words, in Dazzeling Diamonds!!!
ss-wg-sm.jpg 22-yg2-sm.jpg three-stone-ring-sm.jpg liquid-assets-sm.jpg schindler-semi-sm.jpg The diamond is shown over the semi-mount, a very great ballence here. Got a request to do a "Liquid Asset" pendant design, flowing lines and classic beadsetting/engraving. I did my wife's name like this a few years ago for a pin (Jan) in a delicate script with 76 diamonds... Great effect!!!! Blistering fine Emerald cut three stone platinum ring, "E" color and a wonderful ballence in the side stones too!!! A skeek 18Kt beauty is shown today, sorry I did not get that on the web last night... The natural flowing lines of the ancient theme nicely complements the rich radiant hue with the ancient feel of the rounded top gem. A sweet mix of elements woven into a central theme.

More quite unique projects!!!
1.60ec-vid-sm.jpg pierce-wax-sm.jpg roman-laureal-draw-sm.jpg ashton-wax-sm.jpg butterfly-masters-sm.jpg ju-done-sm.jpg Three pair of Butterfly earrings to order :) THe Ashton wax is previewed. The basic structure of Ray's Roman Laureal Leaf engraving design, a great way to fill a band ring and add a very strongly hand worked look to it, starting with a millgrained band. An amazing 1.60 carat emerald cut diamond is shown, and the pierce wax too... Build for our friends at SimplySapphire are two rustic classics, with an ancient celtic theme. One 18Kt white gold, one a 18Kt rich yellow, and graced with wonderous gems.

Imagine That, Dragons in a rich celtic theme... ...and in the metal master
bronzepair-sm.jpg folden-wax-sm.jpg cari-draw2-sm.jpg ju-wax-sm.jpg linahan-sim-sm.jpg beagle-finaldraw-sm.jpg folden-done-sm.jpg For the emerald cut lover, a sweet substantial bezel comfort-fit elegant ring! Another variation, with a heartshape knott in the center. Enjoy... A Dramatic Tiger Celtic Knott Design! The design nicely speaks for itself, yes? {grin} Got a smashing pair of colorful diamonds to show for earrings, a better match you will not find. The wax is done as well, for the emerald cut. The drawing is by Cari and I have simulated the two tone and beveling. The way I see to make this is the center cross and framing rails in red gold and white gold so they assemble crisply, and look outstanding, and keep it from looking a cross stuck on top. Graced with emeralds with 5mm rubies aas centers, for a unique and quite original flavor and feel. Got a second drawing of the Beagles, with a strong bold knott background. A massculine ring with a great look. ...I did rather like the garden look of the first, but each to their own is a golden rule here for me. Another wax is shown as well...

Imagine That, Dragons in a rich celtic theme... ...and in the metal master
Blaszkiewicz-master-sm.jpg Gautheron-dragons-master-sm.jpg williamson-master-sm.jpg caldwell-done-sm.jpg 18KT Celtic Swirl Rings are shown, a beautiful set with great detail! I think that it's easy to see that the celtic band ring will be a blaster design, the crosses are very strong and depth is great. The dragon sided master is done as well, and another rich celtic theme pure custom is born, the Celtic Dragon sided engagement ring. The garden of roses and stylized leaves is easy to see here is another elegant result, the process imparts a wonderous beveling and forming, shaping and flavor. There is a small setting imaged in the design for the pearshape ruby by the way {grin}... Look close, you'll see a v-cap and twin prongs...

Imagine That, Dragons in a rich celtic theme..
gautheron-draw-sm.jpg hardison-done-sm.jpg beagel-draw-sm.jpg johnson-wax-sm.jpg simplysapphire1x-sm.jpg A Stunning Sapphire deserves a stunning home, and we have here a preview of a "Simply Sapphire" Exclussive, a rich celtic theme for a 9 x 11mm oval cab. Wax time, the rose is defined nicely, note the side stone channels and the leaves, very nice touches there. Inspired by a past project I have drawn a strong dragon side for a quite unique result. The sides will feature dragons clutching a small diamond, the top a tapering rich celtic tapestry, framing a 5.5-6mm round center. A preview of the fun to come.... Well, the wedding ring is done and the engagement ring is finished with the new higher color side stones. The set fits very nicely and the look is totally marvelous, as you can see... Great results...

To add that patterned back to yer diamond pendant....
AARON-SIM-SM.jpg eismann-done-sm.jpg bichsel-done-sm.jpg butterfly-ears-sm.jpg willamson-draw2-sm.jpg blaszkiewicz-draw2-sm.jpg life-pend-master-sm.jpg The "Every Life Matters" pendant master is done, see how the lines in the face become very faint and subtile, once the shaping and contours are chased. A super result is to be expected {grin} A drawing of a rich celtic theme ring with a new celtic font is also shown, call me at once when you see this please :) A redraw of the Rose Theme Wedding bands... More ballenced and with new guidance for the leaves I think we have it now! The butterfly earrings are great, note the stones will set nicely into the design, the skirt will clear the bottom of the stone, and add a nice look while keeping weight down... The Emerald set into the 22Karat gold ring is done, as is the Platinum band ring, and the ring for Long I set today the replacement side stones in the engagement ring, now it is off to manufacture the wedding ring... Here is the Paseley background that will drop right into that unfinished back and make for a very interesting back of the pendant. The elements of the design I copied and transformed to fit the flowing curves. Take a peek and see what ya think, but the fit is perfection and should be what I understand you wanted...

A request for a very special pendant....
right-2-life-sm.jpg radiant-ears-sm.jpg mckenny-done-sm.jpg princesses-pair-sm.jpg channelset-yg-sm.jpg allen-done-sm.jpg Great and wonderful Celtic Platinum ring shown, a lovely pair of radiants, and princesscuts, and a super cool The theme is quite clear here, and I have sought to bring to life in this drawing a design which will be stunning. The detail will be quite nice at 20mm and I thought doing the simulation in both white and yellow prudent, since this will be stunning in either... As a side light, my daughter was in a relationship which did not last, but had my grandson, Tyler, of whom I could not be prouder. I cannot imagine a world without Tyler, or having never known him, so for me this pendant is quite meaningful indeed. Enjoy!

A family symbol turned into a marvelous ring....
winnicki-waxring-sm.jpg bowen-done-sm.jpg williamson-draw-sm.jpg trout-done-18k-sm.jpg wedwax-sm.jpg rockstar-done-sm.jpg bronze-dias-sm.jpg Bronze diamonds for earrings, what a concept. For the "ROCKSTAR" here is that three carat plus dream ring, framed with tapered slender bagguettes, in platinum of course, and delightfully ready to blow her mind apart {grin} For Mister Trout there was a question, "How can I make a sapphire ring?" Starts like that, and here we see a stunning star sapphire in 18Kt white gold, with the subtile flavor and art of the celts. A wax is shown as well, and a drawing of a design submitted for review, and I have set the stage here with the simulation, showing how that might be... Powerful stuff, but dreams are like that... There is nothing to say save "What a marvelous Radiant cut and mounting!" Blaster nice! The mission was to create the ring design, a FOX between twin crescent moons, and indeed the depth and the detail are going to be very cool, for this ring was built with a wax-seal ring in mind. The ring top pressed into hot sealing wax on an envelope with a regal result... I enjoy creative ideas and projects, and this one was a joy... Enjoy!

A Radiant cut is shown today, that I forgot to show last night... (sorry)....
radiant-in-mtg-sm.jpg stronach-yg-sm.jpg hall-wax-sm.jpg eisman-wax-sm.jpg bichsel-wax-sm.jpg Gotta show a couple more things, a lovely trio of waxes destined to make wonderful homes for the gems. Bonus shot! I engraved the yellow roundells and we now have a more correct matching wedding ring, and so I bid you a good weekend, and remember that with each day starts new possibilities!!! What you see here is a blaster fine Radiant cut diamond setting in a wonderfully constructed design, with it not yet actually set. The cross supports that connect the prongs are perfect, providing a wonderful base for your diamond which is as safe as it gets. Give the word and we combine the two :)

A ring that Ray set and hand engraved is shown today.....
threestone-plat-sm.jpg allen-plt-master-sm.jpg mckenny-master-sm.jpg stronach-wed-done-sm.jpg Shifting gears, we are starting to develope a super group of in house ready to ship fine jewelry items, and the three stone platinum ring is one of them. Platinum classic three stone ring, size 5 with a one carat CZ center and half carat size framing stones. This ring is on sale for $650 net. The princesscut center To match the engagement ring. The perfect hand engraved wedding ring to go with the exceptionally cool engagement ring Ray hand engraved a while back, and now we have a remarkable set with the pattern of the "Roman Laurel Leaf" on the shank, and millgrain to define the edges. Great look there...

A drawing for a princesscut diamond lover, and a medieval flavor......
mckenny-draw-sm.jpg allen-draw-sm.jpg huntley-done-sm.jpg bethel-done-sm.jpg penrose-moms-ring-sm.jpg Blistering hot platinum engagement ring, flying bagguettes and a lovely emerald cut diamond shown... The Penrose Mom's ring is also shown, a very nice and thoughtful expression of family... Based on a very cool medieval design, a tapered ring with a great form and flavor. The stone set low in a bezel, and framed with very cool rails for a unique look and taste. The drawing is for the Allen clann, and the Huntley ring with the customer's pearshape peridot is done!!!

A Wax on the way to a classic mounting...
bethel-wax-sm.jpg christian-done-sm.jpg webber-done-sm.jpg emmett-celt-sm.jpg valentine-done-sm.jpg group-shot-sm.jpg A shot of five graduated diamonds to see, the first step in that wonder-ring... For Valentine a five diamond ring, stunning matched 1/3 carat idealcuts in warm 18Kt gold... The ring for Emmett is shown, ready to make your world a bit brighter.... For Christian we have a super set of rings with the Pheonix and Dragon theme, after trying two castings I decided that framing the faces was a key for crisp, and so I have done that instead of a dropped frame. "Much nicer"... The mother's ring for Cynthia is done too, the rounded topped trillions nest into the ring design nicely, counterpointed with a diamond. Great look there, bold and dramatic... Here we see a wax that holds a lovely emerald cut, flanked by twin tapered baggettes, for a classic full look that completes the flavor of the ring. Great lines here and one piece no seams casting is a very good thing! Enjoy...

A very FOXY most creative project here indeed today ...
trout-master-wstone-sm.jpg huntley-master-sm.jpg foxy-master-sm.jpg celt-18kwg-w3-sm.jpg wedwax-roman-sm.jpg 3stone-example-plat-sm.jpg The perfect wedding ring wax against our original "Roman Laureal Leaf" engraved engagement ring... Nicely picking up on the bars and strapped look there. The Platinum three stone ring is a sample I am going to sell, as is the 18Kt while gold Celtic with 3 diamonds, watch for them in the instant gift page, fine jewelry specials. To build that wax-seal ring for his father I have designed a dramatic ring in his vision. Dropped background frames the fox between twin crescent moons, which when used as a wax-seal will be dramatic and defined. A great start here, the master is previewed. The Peridot will soon have a new home, a celtic cathedral upscaled for it. Powerful definition here!!! The Star Sapphire is now shown in Mr. Trout's ring, a celtic treasure in the making! Doing creative custom is a passion, one by one for the greatest impact and most elegant result... Enjoy!

The celtic swirl designs are most elegant ...
sullivan-done2-sm.jpg voelkel-engraved-sm.jpg mysteryman-mockup-sm.jpg voelkel-accents-sm.jpg radiants-2-sm.jpg The Radiant cut is well named, brilliant and beautiful indeed, and here's two to ponder. MysteryMan Mockup, a wowzer big beautiful diamond, shown against a solitare... Can you say "Planetary Body?" {Grin}... The hand engraved Voelkel ring now has 8 accent diamonds as centers of the flowers :) Closer one looks the more is seen... Three princesscut sapphires per side, flanked with delicate hand engraving. The detail Jerome can get is rather amazing, as you can see here. All house designs are drawn to work and to be effective in the given listed width, and of course also accomidating a range of finger sizes. You'll note that even most custom drawings incorporate this feature, to make them servicable without cutting the design. Practical elegance, using a melding of high resolution computer art and the ancient lost wax cating technique.

Wonderful finished celtic theme delights!
cook-draw2-sm.jpg Fer Mr. Cook a wider version will do many things, the crest will be more defined, and you are gonna love this!!!! The powerfully defined rings for Wyant are amazing nice, with very slightly raised rails feel and an antiqued background to "pop" the design. The Zoomporphic rings are always a favorite of mine, and the Lion and Boar design is a classic. The fact is that a house design or total custom I do things one at a time, with care, as you would have it. For the Colling crew I have drawn what I feel is a perfect blending of the infinity sign and the celtic trisket, in an unbroken design. Framed with yellow gold, center in white, shown for your approval, then we make them :) I simulated the cathedral as well as matching bands, since it seemed you were still deciding that, figured it would help to see how nicely this idea works. Hand drawn with dragons and a most wonderful celtic heart knott center, with runes which symbolize their wedding date. *Sam, stand by... Also for Leah, am thinkin' and tommorow hope to have something wonderful to show ya.

A glimpse of things to come????
_ Now, last evening my camera croaked, and so I had to wait till today to shoot this wax, pearshapes in a classic framing design, flanking an oval diamond. Note the structure and bridge-like nature of this most elegant form, where the diamonds "are" the show, and the ring a robust supporting cast.... Have a wonderful day, call in to confirm, and we move to casting and finishing. The Applebury rings came out blaster nice!!!

Saturday while Duane is off I shall make your day :)
First the wonderfully crisp celtic ring for the Bradbury clann, elegant and timeless. A wonderful yellow celtic swirl design is also shown. The blank for the asscher is roughed out, note that the design will become the prongs, the seat and shape defined below and the ring thickens at the top for clearance and to integrate the diamond into the design. Great idea, great start here...

Sorry I could not shoot this last night but...!!!
Sorry, had every intention of rushing into the shop, forming the dream ring with yer family crest, and just ran out of gas on a bright sunny long friday, with my motorcycle setting outside yearning to set off car alarms {grin}... ...but not to worry, here is the blank, note the nice textural feel and of course the process imparts a wonderful connecting visually of the dots into crosses, as the background lowers and drops away... Dude, great idea here, Monday call me...

Tradeshop, a place where you can always expect extreme value and quality.

Imagine that!